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Preference Masterlist 

One Direction:

Pregnancy Series

1. Not Good Enough (Just Louis)

2. An Article About the Two of You

3. Disney Princess (Liam)

4. Disney Princess (Niall)

5. Disney Princess (Louis)

6. Disney Princess (Zayn)

7. Disney Princess (Harry)

8. "Everything Has Changed"

9. You Take a Bath Together

10. He’s Sick

11. He Wants to Be the Little Spoon

12. He’s Insecure

13. You Find Out He Cuts (Trigger Warning)

14. "Out of My Limit"

15. Your Kids Get in a Fight, And One of Them Gets Hurt

16. You Get Hurt

17. You’re a Singer, He Watches You Perform

18. Cute Moments

19. The Wedding Article

20. How You Turn Him On

21. He Finds Out Your Hidden Talent

22. Nicknames

23. Morning of the Wedding (2 of 2)

      Morning of the Wedding (1 of 2)

24. Show You Watch Together

25. How You Two Sleep

26. Your Song

27. The First Kiss

28. He Holds Your Baby for the First Time

29. Good Morning Texts

30. Kisses

31.Song He Dedicates to You (TMH)

32. Your Child Doesn’t Want to Sleep

33. You Stay the Night

34. Photoshoot Together

35. You Meet His Family

36. You Can’t Sleep

37. Song he Sings to You

38. Song He Dedicates to You On Tour (UAN)

39. How You Meet

40. The Paparazzi Hurt You

41. "Story of my Life"


1. An Article About the Two of You

2. You Quote a Book

3. Twitter Conversations

4. He Has a Cute Sneezing Fit

5. Your Daughter Gets Her Period and You’re Not There

6. Disney Princess  (Calum)

7. Disney Princess (Ashton)

8. Disney Princess (Luke)

9. Disney Princess (Michael)

10. A Day in Bed

11. He Finds Out You’re Adopted

12. One of the Other Boys Tweets About You

13. You’re His Best Friend’s Little Sister/He’s Your Best Friend’s Brother

14. "Smile"

15. Not Enough For You

16. You’re his Celebrity Crush

17. 'I'll Cover You'

18. Telling Him You’re Pregnant

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